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  2. Letourneux


  3. MatrixWarrior

    Greeting, is anybody here?

    I have a question about the movement ECKANKAR.
    is it a sect?

    They are chanting the Hindu mantra HU.

    Is Hu the same has OHM mantra?


    • admin

      I believe there is good things in it but it’s not detached enough, their book are full of “ECK” at every page it’s annoying, so it looks like a sect yea. It’s a movement who took all of their idea in other things like hinduism etc..

  4. MatrixWarrior

    Hello admin,

    Alright i understand!

    The Mantra HU, do you know anyhting about that?


  5. sagr

    Site seems interesting and curious, any space for truth seekers who know only English ?

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